The spirit of La Cansera del Camino


Hospitality, Generosity, Listen, Advice, Share.

Throughout its existence, the house located in A Pena, n ° 10 in Ferreiros, has been dedicated to welcoming (read History of the house). Every day, Fina and Daniel open the doors of their house and their hearts.

After their personal experiences in each of their Jacobean tours (see Our story), Fina and Daniel give pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago the opportunity to enter an open place, where human relationships come to the fore.

The spirit of La Cansera del Camino is simple and, at the same time, complicated. It’s simple because she provides the following:

  • Hospitality
    The door is open, from morning to sunset, for all pilgrims who do not resist the attraction of this magical
  • Reception
    It begins with a “good morning” (don’t laugh, this word is forgotten on the Camino). Afterwards, a few words about physical condition, the first steps on the Camino, a little rest on the old school benches, the narration of our history (see Our history) and …
  • Generosity
    What to say about this word when everything is related to money. La Cansera del Camino offers everything it has without ever asking for any compensation in return. The pilgrim is totally free.
  • Listens
    Obviously, Fina and Daniel will tell their story, but above all they will listen to each pilgrim talk about their experiences, their wonderful encounters, their disappointments, their promises of pilgrimage, their problems of cohabitation, of exchanges in unknown languages ​​… In this way, the listening takes up an ancestral sense, stronger, more important, more personal through the silence, the gurgling of the fountain on the front porch, the chirping of the birds, the buzzing of the insects’ wings, the touch of the air with the leaves …
  • Advice
    The most common is, surely, the number of kilometers to the next destination of the day. But, also, the risk of drinking water from sources without sanitary control, how to carry the backpack properly or how to lift it without injuring ourselves, the next stages and their shelters, taxi services, some ideas on returning home … In addition, we will not forget to advise pilgrims about some nice places that they can visit upon arrival in Santiago de Compostela.
  • Share
    La Cansera del Camino lives by and to share. Meal time, both dinner and breakfast, is probably the most intense time of sharing during the pilgrims’ stay. Each meal is a family reunion, different every day, and a cultural and ethnic mix.

The spirit of La Cansera del Camino is also complicated, since sometimes, in a first contact, it is incomprehensible for many people. It seems totally unreal and incredible to find such a spirit of hospitality today. The modern world is engulfed by obligations related to money and the mercantile spirit. But, after exchanging a few explanations, the spirit of La Cansera del Camino is understood and encouraged.