Jacobean hospitality


How do we define it?
Like the capacity that people have to welcome and assist in their needs the pilgrims who walk towards the sanctuary of the Apostle Santiago.

Why do we do it?
After meeting in the parish hostel of Grañón, and touched by the magic of the Camino de Santiago, we decided to return to the apostle and to the Camino what we received by going bonanza on our pilgrimage: love, generosity, peace, happiness, altruism.

Where do we offer it?
In our home, a typical Galician house with wide and open spaces to share our life experience.

When do we offer it?
Our door is open as long as life allows. We enjoy our daily lives like any family, which, at times, has some commitments or impediments. Therefore, sometimes, we cannot be present or available every day of the year.

How do we offer it?
In the most ancient way since hospitality exists: opening the door of our house, sharing the space with the pilgrims, as well as with our family or friends, having a bed to sleep in, a place to shower, a space to relax . In addition, we invite you to share dinner and breakfast at our table with our families and friends.

The Way is an inexhaustible source of love, peace, altruism, generosity and help to our neighbor. Therefore, respecting our convictions, we never ask for anything in return, although we leave the pilgrims the freedom to entertain us if they wish.

What we share?

  • Our home.
  • Rest.
  • Coexistence around the table.
  • Our experiences of the Camino.
  • A different experience on the Camino.

What can we not offer?

  • Wifi.
  • Washing machine, but we have a sink and clotheslines.
  • Get up and leave the house before opening the doors, since our spirit of hospitality leads us to respect everyone’s rest and share breakfast.
  • Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, but water from the well at will.
  • Bookings. You can only call the day before arrival to know our availability.
  • A menu. We share dinner and breakfast, adapting it to celiacs, other people with allergies and vegetarians.