History of the house


Cozy since always

The years pass and the house located in the village of A Pena, n. ° 10, belonging to the parish of Ferreiros, continues with its vocation.


Today the house has the name of La Cansera del Camino and opens its doors to pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago. Today, we do not know the year of construction of the house. Based on our own observations of the layout of the walls and their structure, as well as the angular links, we think that this was a progressive construction. According to the comments collected from our neighbors or the elders of the place, this house has known, throughout its existence, multiple and different ways of welcoming. We cannot yet give precise dates, but we can establish the following chronological route starting from the present and going back in time.

La Cansera del Camino

Hospitality to the pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago.


In a large room in the house was the only black-and-white television in the village, provided courtesy of a prominent person at the time. Neighbors gathered around the device to enjoy the programming, watch the news, comment on events …, which were broadcast by the only two channels of the time.


In the same room that years later was a teleclub, the children of the parish of Ferreiros, aged between 5 and 10 years, came to receive elementary school learning, attended by a single teacher and grouped in a single classroom.

Town hall and dungeon.

The house housed administrative units with a person in charge. It also had the installation of a cell, which would be located on the current porch.

Hacienda and cattle farm.

An important breeding of mules allowed many people to work in this place. The animals were destined for sale in the fairs and markets of the surroundings.