News News of May 5, 2020

Today we want to start this piece news with an anecdote about pilgrims

As you know, the door of La Cansera del Camino is open all day when we are at home, and that leads us to chat with the pilgrims. Many of them tell us: «You live so good here», others say: «You live in such a calm village» and some, especially people from large cities, affirm that «There is nothing here» and are surprised at how far we are from everything.

We answer them by saying, in reality, we are close to everything we need. We have many shops and doctors within a ten minute drive. It is true that the theaters, exhibitions and cinemas are in Lugo, the capital, that´s forty minutes away. However, we prefer the time spent with our neighbors, grandparents and grandmothers. We like to sit and listen to them talk about the life of yesteryear and share their experiences, in which they remember words from their parents and grandparents.

So it´s true that «there´s nothing here», but during these days, we appreciate having the great privilege to live in this little piece of paradise, inside a large house, to be able to go out to the patio, with the plants blooming, to stroll in the garden in spring, and to feel like protected by what they call «nothing»

We do not forget those who are not lucky. We think a lot about our confined family and friends, especially those who live in a flat, some of which don´t have balconies. We also remember those who have to be in contact with sick people, as well as those who make the necessary services still run so that this quarantine is as less painful. We´re wishing high spirits to everyone.

As for La Cansera del Camino, we´re continuing to reform the house. After three winters of cleaning and DIY, we have insulated the walls and ceiling, prepared the electrical network and the heating, spent time cutting and nailing the natural pine frieze and laying the parquet and the skirting boards. We also have finally been able to decorate the library with books, various objects, paintings and furniture. Also, the piano and the guitar have found a cosy space for those who want to play them.

In recent months we have replaced the old aluminium windows with wooden ones with double glazing. Gone are the days when the windows let in a cold draft and now with the new heating installed the house is warm and cosy.

Using the old wooden windows we have built a new seedbed. The one we had for years, although very practical, had many holes where snails and slugs passed through to delight in the freshly germinated plants and, consequently, deprived us of being able to grow healthy plants from seed.

As for Jaco and Bea, doggy life remains the same, even a little better because they have their two masters at home all the time. That entails more pampering, more treats and more games, which make their day to day even more fun.

Regarding the atmospheric conditions, the weather in 2019 has been quite dry, but thanks to the generous rains of autumn the days of drought have been forgotten (see the weather summary). The beginning of the year 2020 seemed to be the same as that of 2019, with a very dry winter, with only 248 litres of water per square meter (the average of the last ten years has been 382 litres per square meter). As for temperature. It has been above the average of the last eight years. This is a sign that we have a new arid year coming.

In 2019, the pilgrim world saw the number of walkers arriving in Santiago grow by 6% (from 327,371 in 2018 to 347,679 in 2019). The French section, with 2%, had lesser increase (from 186 198 in 2019 to 189 997 in 2018), it is likely that it is a “victim” of the growing passion for other roads, especially Portuguese. At the same time, pilgrims leaving Sarria represent half of those arriving at the apostle’s tomb. As with any other activity, the state of alarm has left the roads deserted.

Now the shoes are starting to get impatient, the tips of the staffs are rubbing the ground, the backpacks are ready to jump on the pilgrim’s backs and all that remains is to set the departure date. But the day has not yet come when you can take a car, a train or an air plane to step on the pilgrimage. Patience, friends, that everything will come.

After all this time, you already know what our spirit is: to give hospitality to pilgrims. La Cansera del Camino, as a house of hospitality, celebrates its eleventh year. It is true that, at times, it is still difficult to explain, what the Santiago way gave us and the way we try and give the same back to it, just as we assume that it is still difficult to understand our spirit to life.

Therefore, following our hearts and wanting to continue our life project, we find it necessary to say our commitment out loud: JACOBEA HOSPITALITY

o define it, we have turned to the most frequent questions that you ask us and we have organized them giving you answers that you can consult in Jacobean Hospitality.

Without further ado, for the time being, we hope to see you soon and have you as our guest at La Cansera del Camino.

A very big hug.

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