About us?


Once upon a time, a long time ago and stretches of the Camino, two pilgrims who met one New Year’s Eve at the San Juan Bautista parish shelter, in Grañón. His name was Daniel and he came from Gaul, and she, Fina, from southeastern Spanish. No human can yet explain why they met in that town, when neither had the intention of taking the grapes in such a magical place. Some will say it was fate.


Daniel was ecstatic by the beautiful snowy landscapes that he found that Christmas while walking. He finally came to celebrate New Year’s Eve together with other volunteer hospitaleros and to enjoy that special peace that Grañón gives.

“Talk to your onion so it doesn’t make you cry,” he told her, and she, grateful for that idea, smiled back at him. They continued together helping to prepare dinner at the hostel, sharing the task of making each bite a delicious moment to share life, friendship and love …

Touched by the magic of Grañón, they left the place together, happy to meet, happy to share the same dream and with great faith in what their hearts dictated. Their lives could no longer continue as before and, a short time later, they made the decision to fulfill their dream: to welcome the pilgrim into their home.

They returned to the Camino, to another path: that of hospitality, peace, brotherhood, dedication … And, just like that magical night, they shared a table. This is how they continue today, sharing their life, their friendship and their love with the pilgrims of the Camino.

They came to Galicia in search of their dream and, as if it were a joke, it was the dwelling that found them. They bought it after prodigious coincidences and some other adventures, and for almost a year they worked to make it a lap for the pilgrim.

Many were the volunteers who helped in all aspects. For Daniel and Fina, the restoration, agriculture and ways of life in these magical lands were a real discovery.

This house of centenary stones, in the middle of the pilgrim path, five hundred meters after Ferreiros, had so many stories to tell that it could not be otherwise: they had to listen to it and make sense of her spirit. He always welcomed people through the ages and now he would do it again.

They called it La Cansera and …